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Bringen Jumpsoles oder andere Plattformschuhe was?

Ich glaub, es wird nochmal Zeit für dieses Zitat aus dem Buch “the vertical jump bible” von Kelly Baggett: ;) Da ich nicht das ganze Buch poste, sondern nur ein Zitat und hiermit nochmal Werbung für dieses wirklich gute Buch machen will, sollte das urheberrechtlich ok sein.

“What about platform shoes? But what about strength shoes you might ask?? In reality I’ll admit that people DO increase their vertical jumps using platform shoes. However, the improvement is because of the drills and exercises they do not by the magic of the shoes. In scientific studies, folks using the exact same training program without the shoes gain just as well if not better. In fact check out this study. It was a study involving 2 groups, one group did exercises in normal shoes. The other group did exercises in special platform (Strength) shoes. The workout was provided by the manufacturer. It randomized 12 intercollegiate track and field participants to a Strength-Shoe group and a normal-shoe group. After 8 weeks of a training program supplied by the manufacturer, the normal-shoe group showed a tendency to improve more than the Strength-Shoe group on all performance measures! The individuals training in regular shoes improved more in the 40-yard dash (8.3% vs 6.9%), vertical jump (9.2% vs 3.3%), strength at slow speed (16% vs 10%), and strength at fast speed (13% vs -5%). Only calf circumference tended to improve slightly more in the Strength-Shoe group (2.3% vs 0.2% in the normal group). Two of the six athletes in the Strength-Shoe group complained of shin splints, and one of them had to drop out of the study because of the pain. None of the normal-shoe group complained of pain or dropped out. The study actually showed people training in normal shoes with the same training program gained more then those training with the special shoes! In their promotional literature, Strength Footwear Inc. claim that up to 0.2 seconds can be taken off the 40-yard time (about 4%), nine inches can be added to the vertical jump (about 40%), and calf girth can be increased by two inches (about 15%). These claims were clearly not supported in this study. In fact, any slight gain that might be possible with Strength Shoes would appear to be more than offset by the higher risk of injury. If you’re dead set that you want to use platform shoes anyway you can do so. In fact, you can use the shoes for every plyometric exercise and non-weight room drill in this program. For best results you should only wear the shoes on 1⁄2 of the sets that you do. For example, lets say a program calls for you to perform 4 sets of a certain exercise. For best results you’d wear the shoes for 2 sets, and then take them off and wear regular shoes for 2 sets. By training like this you’ll find you get an enhanced effect on all the exercises.”

Für die Englischfaulen fasse is es ganz kurz auf deutsch zusammen: Eine Studie hat ergeben, dass Sprungkrafttraining ohne Jumpsoles mehr bringt als mit.